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Woman of the Year

Linda Compton 2017 2018

So we are shaped and so we are fashioned by the people
that we know. From each we borrow something and made
it ours to sow. You have shown us kindness, charity and
love; in giving and in living; in all that you do. In thought,
in word and in deed, your actions remain true. Today we
commend you as our Women of the Year.
Written by Claudia Ditch, (1991)

These members have been honored by the Indiana club membership
as a Business and Professional Woman of the Year.

Beulah Heffelfinger*
Viola Simpson*
Lillian Mack*
Florence Wallace*
Martha Russell*
Queen Walls*
Hattie Johnson*
Frances Harvey
Jean Barclay
Betty Beveridge*
Beulah Liggett*
Ruth Johnson*
Louise Castriano
Shirley Stover
Myrtle Hesse*
Lenore Byers*
Anne Bowman
Olene Beers*
Naomi Smith*
Helen Serian*
Naketa Dobbins
Jeanne Pecori
Jeri Birch
Karen Jones
Sarah Swistock
Verna Bothell
Mary Ellen Heaton
Elizabeth Harvilla
Mary Flower

Virginia Randolph
Marguerite Bloomquist*
Ruth Knupp*
Beatrice States
Virginia DeGaetano*
Violet Thomas
Marjorie Fowler Jones
Linda Moore-Mack*
Joann Mallory
Elizabeth Leeper
Susan Querry
Claudia Ditch
Nancy Sherry
Joan Newberry
Dilleta Poprich
Anne Sorrention-Hoover
Carolyn Raymond
Dianna Rostis
2000-2001 Christine Rumbaugh
2001-2002 Laurel Diznoff
2002-2003 Kathy Gaunt
2003-2004 Denise Clawson
2004-2005 Jennifer Forrest
2005-2006 Regina Yanits
2006-2007 Linda Yesilonis
Chris Welker
2008-2009 Kris Mellinger
2009-2010 Sandy Wingard
2010-2011 Kelly Polando
2011-2012 Betsy Sarneso
2012 – 2013 Roxanne Pease
2013-2014 Jackie Overdorff
2014-2015 Sarah Kitchen
2015-2016 Rita Mohney
2016-2017 Kim Wick